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Sanctuary Cement Walls - Estimate for one (1) section or one (1) block is between Php20,000.00 and Php25,000.00.  It includes materials and labor.

October 10 2016

Sanctuary Cement Walls - Materials for 3 Sides - Left, Right & Back Sides

November 01, 2014


When you click the document below, it will show you the detailed information of materials needed for the construction of the cement wall of the Sanctuary. The materials costs and labor cost are still being researched. 


Also, we are working on the design of the Sanctuary; where the ingress, egress, the catteries, kennels, dog runs, dogs' play areas, large animals' gracing grounds, water tower location, buildings for offices, caretakers' quarters, etc., should be located.          


When we build the cement wall, we are simultaneously going to build the cattery and dog kennels. 


As soon as the material costs and labor cost quotes are done and the design is finished, we will post it here so we can start our fund-raising drive.


You can view the pictures of the land in the Photos section.

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