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Here you can learn about trending news and events relating to animal welfare that we, the Friends for the Protection of Animals, find most relevant to our work.

Miss Janet

At Friends for the Protection of Animals' shelter in Samar, Philippines,  SALAMAT Animal Rescue Center, we have a star in Miss Janet.  Miss Janet likes to be free and just roam around.  We give her that freedom in the morning and in the afternoon.  

More pictures of Miss Janet in the Photos Section





May 19, 2018


There was sadness felt by us in returning the cats after they were spayed/neutered, to its habitat at Samar State Universtiy (SSU) Extension.  


Here is hoping that all the cats that were there, making the university campus their home, will always be safe.


More pictures posted in Photos section.


Posted by:  Beth Sizemore




June 23 2018



Two weeks before my recent flight to the Philippines, I got a private message in my FB about a dog needing help from Alang-Alang, Leyte, Philippines.  I contacted the person that sent me the message and told her that Alang-Alang, Leyte is very far from SALAMAT Animal Rescue Center and that they should take the dog to the vet.  Apparently, she already told the reporter that but the reporter said that the dog is owned by a person who does not have means to take the dog to the vet, no transportation, no one will let the dog in a vehicle because of the smell, the vet is too far, etc. 


To make a long story short, when we picked up Doc. Almoro from Tacloban, Leyte airport on May 13th, we went straight to Alang-Alang, Leyte to pick-up the dog, named Brownie.


Brownie had malignant tumors that spread through all of her breasts on both sides. She was emaciated, would not eat, had only 2 teeth, pale gums as white as a white sheet, both eyes had sticky discharge, and had one of the tumors already erupted. 


Brownie just could not regain even just a little bit of her strength and energy for an invasive surgery to remove the tumors. 


Letting her go peacefully was the best thing for her.


"Dogs leave pawprints on our hearts” – Author Unknown


More pictures are posted in the Photos section


Posted by:  Beth Sizemore

Anti-rabies vaccination at FPA's SALAMAT Animal Rescue Center - Mercedes, Catbalogan, Samar, Philippines


May 19, 2018 



All of the dog residents at the center were given the anti-rabies vaccine.  Some dogs were eager to get their vaccine, some were uneasy or scared, several were very difficult to pick-up, and some did not care one way or another.  The staff at SALAMAT did their best to make the event go smoothly and as organized as possible.


Thank you, Doc. Wil Almoro and Jam Casaul of KAPON PILIPINAS for making things easy for everybody, especially the dogs. 


Pictures are posted in the Photos section.


Posted by:  Beth Sizemore 


Spay/Neuter Event at the Diversion Road above Parola, Catbalogan, Samar, Philippines


May 15, 2018 


The Spay/Neuter event at the Diversion Road, up above on a steep hill on May 14th, 2018, started early in the morning with hauling the tables, chairs, tent, surgical instruments, apparatus, veterinary supplies and other watchamacallit.  The early morning exhaustion turned into excitement and enthusiasm when people with their pets started showing up. 


None of the strays at the Diversion Road that we intended to catch for spay or neuter were caught.  They were just too street smart coupled with the hired catchers not having the right tool to catch them properly.


The four days of Spay/Neuter at FPA's SALAMAT Animal Rescue Center and the one day Spay/Neuter event at the Diversion Road were done for free.


KAPON PILIPINAS & Friends for the Protection of Animals are grateful to the sponsors for making this very important mission happen.


Pictures are posted in the Photos section.


Posted by:  Beth Sizemore 


Humane Education at FPA's SALAMAT Animal Rescue Center, Mercedes, Catbalogan, Samar, Philippines


May 14, 2018 


Sairach (Sai) Semeniano Bajar and Erika Lorraine B. Lim of KAPON PILIPINAS, coordinated and conducted a Humane Education class outlined and designated for children.  Adults were welcome too.


Featured at the class session were:  Kara - a well travelled, laid-back and much loved cat from Metro Manila, and 3 dog residents of SALAMAT; Chichay, Peanut, and Sugar.  


We have to introduce to children at a very young age, the basic needs of animals. Humane Education is an integral part and a very important program for both KAPON PILIPINAS, and Friends for the Protection of Animals.  


Pictures of Humane Education class at FPA's Salamat Animal Rescue Center are posted in the Photos Section


Posted by:  Beth Sizemore 


Spay/Neuter Event at FPA's SALAMAT Animal Rescue Center, Mercedes, Catbalogan, Samar, Philippines


May 14, 16, 17, & 18, 2018 


KAPON PILIPINAS and Friends for the Protection of Animals held 5 days of free Spay/Neuter of cats and dogs.  The venues were at the SALAMAT Animal Rescue Center and at the Diversion road.  It was going to be held also at one other venue, at Samar State University,  but for strategic interest, we decided on just the other two.


KAPON PILIPINAS, with Doc. Wil Almoro at the lead, Jammy Casaul, Karen Lee Farrales, Sairach Semeniano Bajar, and Erika Lorraine B. Lim, worked tirelessly to accommodate every animal that came for spay/neuter, and for grooming after the surgery.  Doc. Almoro even did free consultation.  Also, even worked on a little girl's ear that had a pellet lodged in her ear canal. The girl was brought to the hospital by her parents but the parents were told that they have to wait until the doctor arrives in the morning.  The grandmother of the girl is an FPA volunteer so she thought of Doc. Almoro and confidently asked him if he can take a debris out of an ear canal.  "Dog's ear or cat's ear?" and he was told a little girls' ear. Watching Doc. Almoro worked on that girl's ear, with those steady hands, I sincerely thought that the girl and every one of those dogs and cats that he performed surgery on were all in good hands.


We also thank Friends for the Protection Animals' volunteers and staff for their hard work; Marvie Manas, Vincent Montejo, Sherelyn Manas, Darryl Manas, KC Montejo, Annie Manosa, Jerry Dacles, Jobelle Dacles, and Lisa Manosa.


Pictures of S/N at FPA's Salamat Animal Rescue Center are posted in the Photos Section


Posted by:  Beth Sizemore 


At the Diversion Road


May 7, 2018 


Everytime I am back in the Philippines, I always have this urge to visit the Diversion Road, above where FPA's Salamat Animal Rescue Center is and up above the only highway connecting the Luzon, Visayas, & Mindanao, the Maharlika Highway.

This time, I hiked up to the road with my sister, on May 7th 2018, I noticed that there were less stray dogs and cats, although, there were still many.  From what I gathered, from asking some people around there, the reason there were less strays is because they were being picked up by the City Pound.  I do not know the definite answer as to what the pound does to the strays after they were rounded up.

My other purpose going up there was to find a venue for Spay/Neuter event we were going to have and was held on May 15th, 2018.


Pictures are posted in the Photos Section


Posted by:  Beth Sizemore 



A little dog was handed to me in the store in front of FPA's Salamat Animal Rescue Center in


March of 2013. Looking at this dog, with blood coming out of its mouth, eyes, and ears, I


immediately thought that it would be a miracle if this dog survives.


There is no fundamental difference between man and the higher animals in their mental faculties... The lower animals, like man, manifestly feel pleasure and pain, happiness, and misery”. -

Charles Darwin


I don't remember too much how she was during the day but for the most part it was the same as at night time. I would hold this dog against my chest and when I got tired I'd put her down on the floor. On the floor, she would move in circles, from a small circle to as wide as the room would allow her and the whole time she was going in circles, she was crying non-stop. Picking her up and holding her against my chest seem to comfort her. For five nights with almost no sleep and feeding her slowly by hand, this little girl made it. She can't see and hear much but she made it.


I named this dog Maripi, in honor of a lady veterinarian who is steadfast, has perseverance, does not give up, loves animals, and to whom I have a lot of respect.


This year, I wanted to bring Maripi with me to the US but with her fragile state, I decided she is better off at the shelter where other dogs take turn in keeping her company, leave her alone when she is eating and blindly (literally) roams around. And also, Maripi is loved by the family who now lives in the shelter to take care of all the residents there. Their little boy, Jerome, pictured here is enamored with Maripi. Jerome calls Maripi, Peepee.


Posted by:  Beth Sizemore - October 25, 2017

Marawi Rescue 


August 9, 2017


Marawi is a city in Mindanao, Philippines, devastated by local war. The casualties of this war are not just the people who live there & left but also animals like dogs, cats, & other sentient beings, that were both intentionally & unintentionally abandoned by their guardians.


Marawi Rescue, headed by Bienvenido Garcia, Jr.,  risked their lives and braved the streets to feed the strays and rescued some of them.


Friends for the Protection of Animals, as an organization, and as individuals, are helping Marawi Rescue, as we do other organizations.


Please extend your moral and monetary support to organizations like Marawi Rescue. You can send your donation directly to Bienvenido Garcia Jr., P5 Barangay Sinuza, Ozamis City, Mindanao, Cell Phone #0909 362 3828. You can send it online thru Remitly which can be picked up at Cebuana Lhuillier or BDO & other outlets. For those of you in the US who would like to get a tax deductible donation, you can make your donation to Friends for the Protection of Animals, PayPal account, and we will route your donation to the organization that you support. - Beth

FPA/SALAMAT Animal Rescue Center 


April 2017


The kennels had a facelift.  Thanks to caretakers Annie, Joel & Cristina for doing the painting. It looked wonderfully peaceful to the eyes and I am sure the resident dogs like it too.

Pictures are posted in the Photos page. - Beth

Ocular Check of Cats at FPA/SALAMAT Animal Rescue Center 


February 4, 2017


Dr. Sholto Layson Magan, on my request went back to SALAMAT to neuter 3 puppies and do an ocular check on the cats and dogs as well.

Pictures are posted in the Photos page. - Beth

Position Statement on Oro


January 4, 2017


The Friends for the Protection of Animals are opposed to the use of any animal for the purposes of entertainment, labor, experimentation, or as captive exhibits. We believe in their natural born rights to freedom and an unencumbered life, rights that are no less valuable or unalienable as our rights as humans.

In this light, we condemn the bludgeoning death of a dog, perhaps two as alleged by an insider, for dramatic purposes in the film, Oro. We abhor the insensitivity of the cast and crew whose apathy to an animal's suffering, coupled with their desire for personal glory and industry recognition, moved us to ponder just how deep can human depravity sink. We question their responsibility to decency and compassion which evidently they heeded to cinematic expediency. Reported responses to the press reveal that there was never any compunction to do so.

We consider the killings to be a violation of the Animal Welfare Act which prohibits cruel and exploitative acts upon animals. We hold the cast and crew, particularly decision-makers like Alvin Yapan, Director, and Mark Shandii Bacolod, Producer, responsible for the animal cruelty.

The Friends for the Protection of Animals support the efforts of the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) to bring these individuals to court. We will provide any assistance we can muster. We encourage all those who witnessed, or know any information, tangentially or directly, to offer their assistance to PAWS as well.

Animal welfare is not only your government, an NGO's, or someone else's responsibility. Animal welfare is everybody's business.  - Ted 

6n1 Shots, Anti-Rabies Vaccination and Neuter Event at Salamat Animal Rescue Center/Friends for the Protection of Animals


November 4 and 10 2016


Thanks to Doc Sholto Layson Magan, the new dog residents at the Center and some of the neigborhood dogs were able to get Anti-rabies vaccination, 6n1 shots and Neuter in these 2day period.  Doc Sholto volunteered his time and did not ask for professional fees for his services.  I did not get pictures of him giving the cats health check up but he sure did made his rounds at Salamat.


Pictures are posted in the Photo section.

5n1 Shots at Salamat Animal Rescue Center/Friends for the Protection of Animals

May 4 and 5 2016


Doc. David Arceo took time out from his much too busy schedule to visit and volunteer his time & more to check on the cats and dogs at FPA's Salamat Animal Rescue Center. The staff and residents love having Doc. Arceo at the center even if it is just for a short period.  


Dogs were also pampered with pedicuts.


Pictures are posted in the Photo section.

Stray Dogs in the Province

April 29 2016


Up above the hill there is what is called the Diversion Road.  My first time on that road and with its steep climb and as slow as I was scaling it, I was out of breath when I reached the plateau.  There, were many dogs, just hanging loose on the road. As there were more people walking than vehicles driven, the dogs were relaxed and congregating in the middle of the road, on the side of the road or wherever they want to hang out. They knew just what to do when a truck or car or motorcycle is coming and passing by.


Almost all of them look healthy and happy. They have guardians but they just let them loose and that Diversion Road is like a magnet to the dogs.  People strolling or parading on the road do not bother the dogs and the dogs do not give the people any troubles either as long as the people do not get close.


I hope the road stayed unengaged to future busy traffic, either by foot or vehicle or these dogs will have to find a new haven.  -  Beth 


Pictures are posted in the Photo section.

Adoption event by Island Rescue Organization/Cebu - a Chapter of Friends for the Protection of Animals

April 24 2016


IRO had there adoption event at the Parkmall in Cebu City, one of the adoption events that IRO regularly hold at the mall.  


Pictures are posted in the Photos section.

Anti-Rabies Vaccination at Salamat Animal Rescue Center/Friends for the Protection of Animals

March 28 2016


This year, as early as March, with the cooperation and full support of Catbalogan City's Veterinary office, the yearly anti-rabies vaccination of our resident dogs and the neigborhood dogs were given.  Thank you, once again, Doc. Cinco and staff.  


Pictures are posted in the Photos section.

Spay & Neuter at Salamat Animal Rescue Center/Friends for the Protection of Animals

May 2015


With the full support of Catbalogan City's Veterinary office, once again, we were able to spay and neuter more of the shelter residents and some of the neighborhood dogs.  

Our deep appreciation to Doc. Cinco and his staff.


Pictures are posted in the Photos section.

Super Typhoon Ruby hits Samar, Philippines

December 5, 2014


Typhoon Ruby hits the island of Samar & one of the towns affected was Catbalogan and its barangays.  Prior to the day of the typhoon, the request was made by FPA to the local radio announcer to broadcast to the public not to leave their pets/animals when evacuating or if they do leave them to make sure the animals are not tied down or confined in a cage. Also, requested to the Mayor of Catbalogan was to help evacuate the animals residing at Salamat Animal Rescue Center when the need arise.  The City Vet's office made a courtesy call to the shelter to find out how the animals were doing.

Salamat, located in Catbalogan was severely damaged.  The roofs of the kennels, cat houses, pig pens & chicken coops were mostly blown off by the strong wind.  The animals and the caretakers had to hunker down and waited for the storm to pass.  The typhoon hit landfall at night and was still very strong the next day, midday. Although most of the animals were soaking wet, all are accounted for and are safe. 

The rebuilding of Salamat shelter has started.


Pictures are posted in the Photos section. 


Anti-rabies vaccination, in cooperation with the Catbalogan City Veterinarian's Office

May 28, 2014


Dogs at the Salamat Animal Rescue Center and the neighboring dogs were given anti-rabies vaccine.  The left-over vaccines were given to some of the cats at the shelter.  We appreciate the City Vet's office especially Doc. Freedom for a successful event. 


Pictures are posted in the Photos section


Friends for the Protection of Animals Animal Sanctuary

September 3, 2013


The Friends for the Protection of Animals is nearing its final payments for a parcel of land in Santa Rita, Samar. The purchase was initiated late last year after a thorough search of the island. We expect full ownerhship by November 2013. Earmarked to be the very first animal sanctuary in Samar if not the whole Visayan region, the land roughly measures 300 X 300 feet providing ample space for play and easy living for the animals. It borders a main road for easy accesibility and lies in close proximity of the San Juanico Bridge. The land has been partially cleared of brush with a lot more work to be done. Existing fruit trees will be preserved in line with our philosophy for conservation of the environment as well as animal welfare. The purchase was made possible by a grant from Chase Bank. 


Update: View pictures of the land in the Photos section


Spay & Neutering Project

July 2012


At the present time, FPA is raising funds to run a spay and neutering project in Catbalogan, Samar, The Philippines. Our target amount is $920. Fifty dogs from the Salamat Animal Rescue Center and strays from the surrounding neighborhood will be fixed by a team from the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) headed by Dr. Wilford Almoro and Dr. Maripi Diaz. They will arrive in Catbalogan from Caloocan, a suburb of Manila, on July 12th and remain there for two days. We are asking for donations to get this project rolling. You can donate via the donation page of this website, specifying that the amount is for the S&N project, or you can go to our Chip-In account and donate there. The link is provided below. We thank you in advance.



UPDATE: See photos of our S/N Project in the Photos Section

News & Events

Dog Fighting Syndicate Busted in San Pablo, Laguna, Philippines


At the end of March 2011, the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group, a branch of the Philippine National Police, raided a compound located outside Manila. Several Korean nationals were arrested and were booked on cruelty and gambling charges. Approximately 270 pit bulls of varying degrees of poor health were rescued and liberated from a life of constant fighting. View them in our Photos section. The Friends for the Protection of Animals are encouraging donations for the care, relocation, and rehabilitation of the dogs. An enormous amount of food, supplies, medicine, and veterinary care are needed. At the present time, the Island Rescue Organization, our sister organization, and Compassion and Responsibility for Animals are in charge of the rescue.


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April 2011


We are excited about our new online presence. Browse our new website to learn more about our organization.

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