Friends for the Protection of Animals
Friends for the Protection of Animals

About Us

Friends for the Protection of Animals (FPA), is an organization whose mission is to "improve relationship between people and animals through cooperation, outreach, responsibility, and education, for the benefit of both humans and animals", and whose goals are to promote responsible ownership and humane treatment of all animals, to advocate the development and enforcement of effective animal welfare laws, to rescue abandoned, neglected, abused, and tortured animals, to provide a healthy, loving, truly no-kill sanctuary for these animals, to promote fostering of these animals while waiting for adoptions, and to promote adoptions of these animals in loving forever homes. 


FPA put forward to grant Honorary Board membership to dedicated animal lovers who are active in furthering the cause of animals and human relationship, education, animal advocacy and responsibility, and who have contributed to local, national, or international animal causes.


FPA invites you to be a member of our Honorary Board of Directors, non-voting and with no duties attached.

Honorary Board Members:


Harley Butler - Las Vegas, NV, USA


Adele Christine Florendo - Los Angeles, CA, USA


Asuncion Layug - Las Vegas, NV, USA



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